What We Do

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As estate managers, our goal is to maintain the artist’s legacy by introducing their work to curators, museum professionals, writers, gallerist, and collectors. In the case of a collection, we can advise on the best plan for continued maintenance or de-acquisition, whether as donations to public institutions or as sales for the benefit of the heirs. In instances where clients have their own team already in place, we will work with them providing expert consultation and direction.

Keeping in mind each person’s circumstances are particular, ALP allows for dynamic flexibility adapting to the clients' professional needs in real time--whether they're collectors, estates or artists planning for the future. 

The process of determining the scope of what must be done begins with a private consultation at which time we will review not only the nature of your estate but also your wishes and needs.  After this initial meeting, if the client wishes to proceed ALP will work with the client by identifying the key elements and stages that are required to produce a plan of action. Finally, we will work with the client and a team of professionals for the plan’s implementation.